The Brawl

What happens in the under hive, stays in the under hive.

Get your kill teams ready for this unique take on Shadow War: Armageddon event! While plundering for archeotech and blasting the opposition, This evening battle for Acheron Hive will have lasting effects in the following day’s event: The Beef and Wing Classic.

Yes. You heard right. Your actions will determine missions, new environmental rules, and many other crazy things during the Beef and Wing Classic!

Your Shadow War adventure isn’t complete with its fair share of insanity. Plague zombie incursions, sump quakes, acid rain, supply drops, and even giant mutant spider attacks await the soldiers searching for fortune amongst the under hive.

This event will be replete with it’s own modified rules and an expanded set of rules for even more hired operatives. A PDF will be released soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Check out for future news, registration, upcoming tournament packets, and more!!!

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