Fall in!
We at Beef & Wing are getting ready to start a massive overhaul for our group; one that’ll be putting a lot of focus on our gaming community and the hobbies you know and love. We hope that before and after Brawl season we can keep our community engaged and informed about events and news. Some may be asking, “ How and what is Beef & Wing going to do throughout the year?” Well, we have a lot to offer in the near future.

The Brawl

Our Annual event is always the big to do on our site. Last month was yet another kick-ass installment of the event and can’ wait for next year to be bigger and better. Though we have yet another year until the next one, we are already gearing up for the event. Be on the look out for announcements such as new sponsors, more game
systems, extra events, and other updates!

In the coming months our group is buckling down for a lot of events. This means a whole lot of things, ranging from army building to event attendance. Our experiences at major events are the perfect excuse to discuss tactics,  shifts in meta, or even just a discussion about rules and codexes. We promise not to bitch and moan about codex creep or why a unit is OP. You all get plenty of that at local stores and the neckbeards whining on Facebook. We hope to keep it positive!


Downloadable Content
Deep in the forges of Beef and Wing we have members working on new ways to encourage hobbying and narrative gameplay. It could range from terrain templates, game supplements, custom missions, or even painting guides. We hope throughout the year to constantly add new content and inspire you folks to immerse yourself too in home-brew rule building and game design.

Army Showcases

Our gaming group travels all over the country in search of conquest, new friends, and awesome armies. We hope to meet you and celebrate your hard work by showcasing a player’s hobby skills in our army showcase. You might notice one on us at an event with a camera and portable light box. We want to give hobbyists the credit they deserve and if you are a commission painter, a platform to show off your trade.

Community Events

Though we do run The Brawl, we will be running a series of community events throughout the year. These may range from hobby classes, in-store demos, casual maps campaigns, open gaming nights, and even ITC tournaments. We hope to bring a little of what we learn from all over the country to our own backyard! We encourage you all to join us.

Social Media

We aren’t a doomsday cult with murder pacts, but hope to meet some kindred spirits on the great ocean known as the warp…err… internet. All of us are pretty outspoken and hope that our attitude of “not drinking there Kool Aide” is something you share. Using Facebook, Twitter, instagram, and our blog we hope share a little bit about ourselves and what we’re working on. It is highly encouraged to reach out. We want to hear from you! Give us advice, troll us, whatever; this is one huge community and it’s awesome.

So with that let’s write some articles!!!!

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