Over the past weekend some of us on Beef and Wing traveled into the realm of Ontario, Canada to check out the Barrie Bash. Sporting a space housing 60 players, Our party of four busted out our armies and started to wonder if we had the chops to handle the lists we spied on the Best Coast app. After two kick-ass days of camaraderie and dice slinging, it is safe to say we all had an awesome experience. I think we all had a lot of surprises in store for us.

Mustering the Cogs


• Tech Preist enginseer w/ servo arm, las pistol

• Fulgrite Preists x10 w/ lifeleech staves
• Corpuscarii Preists x10 w/ electrostatic gauntlets
• Sicaran Infiltrators x5 w/ taser goads, flechette pistols

• Rangers x6  w/ galvanic rifles

• Dragoons x3 w/ taser lances

• Dunecrawler w/ icarus array
• Dunecrawler w/ icarus array
• Dunecrawler w/ eradication beamer


• Tempestor Prime w/ command rod, Kurov’s Aquila
• Tempestor Prime w/ command rod

• Scion command squad w/ x4 plasma guns
• Scion command squad w/ x4 plasma guns

• Scions x5 w/ x2 melta guns, bolt pistol, chainsword
• Scions x5 w/ x2 melta guns, bolt pistol, chainsword
• Scions x5 w/ x2 flamers, bolt pistol, chainsword


• Inquisitor Hector Rex

• Eversor Assassin
• Celuxsis Assassin
• Callidus Assassin
• Vindicare Assassin


One thing I really enjoy about 40k is trying out new units. I’m more of a hobbyist than a general; where my hobby projects dictate what I bring to a GT. In the end the games may be harder, but I’ll expand my army in the process.  The challenge is worth it. Many of you are probably rolling your eyes at my CP factory scion detachment, but my strategy around my admech is fueled heavily on reusing command points.  On  the other hand the rest of the list is pretty confusing to people as I rarely use my units as they are intended.

Round 1 – Hamza Syed – Grey Knights /  Admech
• Two storm ravens, grand master, 3 dunecrawlers, knight crusader

I know most people just dismiss imperial knights; that they are too expensive and too big of  target to be of useful in competitive games. I would soon to eat those words as Hamza’s crusader knight took a commanding presence at the center of board. With proper target priority, it would quickly score his reaper tally on my small units of scions scurrying about its feet. Luckily the game was a much different tale as his storm ravens tore up the center of the board, his grandmaster teleporting right between them. With a mixture of low damage rolls and invul saves, my dunecrawlers avoided a messy end at the hands of all that fire power. My corpescarii and dragoons were not as fortunate. My response was pretty brutal: Destroying both storm ravens and grandmaster, knocking wounds off his knight, and locking all of the dunecrawlers in melee with an eversor and my infiltrators.  Though Hamza put up a valiant resistance, the game was a difficult one to win back. 28-12.

Round 2 – Jeff Brown – Blood Angels/ Imperial Guard
• 2 large squads of death company, large unit of sanguinary guard, 4 mortar infantry squads, 2 mortar heavy weapon squads, a slew of mean BA characters

Round two and I was handed a grudge match. Still aching from my defeat at his hands from DaBoyz GT, I knew that Jeff was an opponent not to be taken lightly. Knowing that our game would be decided by one turn of murderous melee, I played extremely defensive. My patience paid off as Jeff brought down his to take apart my screen, which were my dunecrawlers. Taking the brunt of these melees, I was able to counterattack with my electro-priests and supporting units. I was amazed by the sheer murder making of the electro-priests, who wiped out the sanguinary guard, only to be obliterated by his second death company unit. The game ended with some solid mutually assured destruction and a slim victory in my favor.. 17 -14.

Round 3 – Konrad Motyka- Ynnari / Eldar
• 4 squads of dark reapers, shining spears, guardian blob, some rangers, 2 wave serpents, a slew of Eldar witchery

I think it’s important to touch a hot kettle. Once burned you know how to deal with it in the future. My game against Konrad was definitely an important learning experience. I’m a scrappy player, and even though Konrad hulk smashed my army on turn one, I desperately tried to dig some points out of this game. After failing 2 crucial charges, there was no way I could claim victory over Mr. Motyka’s superior army. Even after losing 10-14, the game was still a blast with a great opponent.

Round 4 – Ricky Johnson- Eldar
• rangers, guardian blob, large scat pack, banshees in a serpent, 2 wraith-fighters, warp spider, swooping hawk

Fate seems to keep us irrevocably connected as we always end up facing one another at GT’s (this game is #6). Once again I know I’m up against an awesome player so as I skim over his list I have a lot of sinking suspicions that there are bunch of tricks up his sleeve. I was not to be disappointed as Ricky’s force, without the popular reapers and shining spears, Had me scrambling every turn to try and keep my units from dying. Luckily I had an alpha strike that robbed his army of most of its range and mobility. Even with my early successes, I barely snuck out a win against Ricky’s superb tactics. 19-18

Round 5 – Caleb Edwards- Death Guard / Nurgle
• 4 plague burst crawlers, 6 foetid bloat drones, nurglings, nurgle tree, epididemus, nurgle heralds.

I legitly was scared of this army. Caleb’s list was a hard counter to my army, which excelled at melee and close range firefights. With his army boasting 16 plaguespitters, I had to not only focus on a flank, but also play with extreme risk. Luckily dunecrawlers are made of hardier stuff and helped take the brunt of overwatch fire, allowing my electro-priests and dragoons safe passage into melee. I was sweating bullets the entire game since as we came out of turn 2, I had only collected 3 points!!!!!   21-19. Caleb was a great sport we were both pretty surprised the game ended up in my favor, due to a surprisingly destructive (and resilient) eversor assassin.

With a record of 4-1 I was psyched that I did so well. The event organizers, players, and staff at this event were all amazingly friendly and helpful. Its a wonderful experience when all 5 of your games are against great players, sportsman, and all around solid human beings. If you are anywhere near the vicinity of Barrie, Ontario, I would strongly recommend attending the Barrie Bash next year!

Join the Barrie Bash family and find out when their next event is happening. You will not be disappointed.

Check out their page too for pictures of the event. There were a lot of beautiful armies and table on display!

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