In a Perfect World

Imagine all of us with beautiful fully painted armies. A whole collection based and built to perfection; the pride of a gamer ready to hit a table near you. Then remember the reality: We are all adults.

We have jobs to attend to, significant others to love, and children to care for. We have other hobbies and obligations, or we just love to waste time. One thing seems to become quite singular in the wargaming community: There’s not enough time to build and paint an army.

I call bullshit on this.

There is always time to for hobbying.

Hobby whenever and wherever you can!

Finding the Time

Think about every time you pull out your phone to waste time flipping through Facebook, Instagram, or some garbage bubble popping app. That time adds up. Some may occupy this time reading books or staring vacantly at a wall or horizon. These little pockets, these nuggets of free time are being squandered! During these periods of laxity you could have a brush in hand, getting a base coat on a few models or finalizing your highlights. Depending on what you’re up to, there are many scenarios where you can sneak some extra project work in.

Try hobbying when:

• Waiting in line for coffee/ waiting for lunch – Depending where you work, you’re usually allotted 30-60 minutes for a lunch break. This is a great opportunity to pull out you brush and work. While standing you can accomplish quite a bit of standard brush work. Lighting and other conditions don’t necessarily have to be optimal for base coating dry brushing. Once you are seated your range of hobby options expands exponentially!

• Traffic – I always find myself stuck at the border in really thick traffic. Folks in populated areas will also know this sensation during gridlock. As long as the flow is almost static, it isn’t too hard to put some work into your models. If you are carpooling, you can get even more work in without the need to drive or fear of rear-ending people.

• Pick ups – Sometimes your kid takes a little extra to get back from the soccer field. Maybe your friends are too busy smoking weed upstairs to get into your car. These gaps in plans are perfect for little touch-ups and tasks requiring one or two paints. Either way don’t sweat their tardiness. Use it to your favor!

• Taking a break – Be it a stop during a grueling hike, halftime stop, or just walking out for a smoke; these kind of moments are great to paint. It helps calm you down, center your mind, and gets your head back in the game. Hey, you might even paint some armor plates in the process.

Equipped For the Task

With such cramped spaces and without your hobby station at your disposal, you’ll have to be smart with how you store and pack your hobby box. Think of your hobby box like a mobile watercolor kit; a small self-sustaining container for the artist on the go. This box could be a Tupperware container, small cardboard box, or other 4-walled structure that fits objects inside of it. I found a small insulated container from a lunchbox makes for the perfect fit. It can hold 4-5 paints, 3-4 models, and a brush or two! The best part is that it fits in my messenger bag with ease and has a clasped lid so my contents are safe.

Good luck and don’t be afraid to take your hobby out of your dens and game stores. I’m sure people have seen weirder things than a grown-up painting models at a park bench. 🙂

So where and how do you find new ways to fit in your painting/modeling? I’d love to hear!

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